2015 Camping

Pangaea offers tent camping, bunk house camping and RV camping with electrical hook-ups. Please see site map (PDF) for locations and options. Tent camping is free and self-served. Campers may use dumpster (self-served). Campsites will have individual or shared picnic tables (one per two sites based on availability).

THE BUNKHOUSE is a nice, clean, new building built by the Amish with 16 bunk beds in one common room. No facilities, but port-a-potty nearby. It's like tent camping except you can put a pad on the bed and hope no-one has let the mosquitos in. No worries about rain and dew. Beds are first come first served. $10 per night, click appropriate payment page at left.

If you desire to bring a pet inside the bunkhouse, please discuss it with us in advance. We will consider based on the feedback from others who have reserved. If there are any objections, pets will not be allowed.

RV CAMPING MUST be reserved and paid for in advance. Please do not arrive on-site and pull into a spot without a prior reservation; the site may be reserved for someone else. Please go to the appropriate payment page at left and make your reservation and payment.

RV camping in most locations will be perpendicular to driveways or angled in marked campsites 40' wide X approximately 60' deep. Please park within 10' of driveway so you do not jut out too far and block others' views. Also consider the effects any recent rainfall has had on the fields and be delicate with your driving if needed. Camper orientation within your space is flexible, but trailers do need to be placed so that the tongue can be accessed within your own space, unless the "neighbor" is agreeable to allowing vehicle access over their space. (Recognize that those who are parallel to the driveways are seasonal and exceptions have been made.) Also be careful that angling does not make your electrical outlet too far from the pole. Extension cords will be needed in some locations. Some 30 amp extension cords are available on-site; see Darlene. Again, see map for recommendations.

Parking (see map):

Any exceptions to the above must be reviewed with Darlene McCormick.

Must keep cars off the driveways, park on grass.

Camping with electrical service of 20 or 30 amps is available for $25 per night or $100 per week. People staying for the week will be located first and shorter stays will be filled in. Generators will be allowed in one location only, on the south side of the upper lake.

The west side of the lower lake is designated "quiet" camping with eight 20-amp spots for smaller RVs as well as the bunkhouse, tent camping, and a lean-to. (Bonfire moved to pavillion area.) Your own extension cords will be needed for RVs. Electrical outlets are on the back side of the lean-to. You may place your camper any distance between the road and the woods within your space.

Larger RVs needing either 20 or 30 amps will be located on the east side of the lower lake, adjacent to the soccer fields, and the north side of the upper lake. Extension cords will be needed in some locations. Some 30 amp extension cords are available; see Darlene to obtain. Please label your own cords so that they do not get mixed in.

Lower East spaces 11-13 are for tent parking, access, and tents and not necessarily limited to 3 families. Tents may also be placed closer to the water and across the driveway on the soccer field side. Please use good judgement using space efficiently at the same time as being good neighbors and giving each other space.

Pole At Site(s) Serves Sites Location
1 2/3 0-4 Lower Lake East
2 6 5-10 Lower Lake East
3 16 14-17 Lower Lake East
4 21/22 19-22 Soccer Fields
5 27 24-29 Upper Lake North
Lean-to 30 30-37 Lower Lake West
7 40 38-42 Lower Lake West
6 43 43-46 Upper Lake Gate

During heavy A/C usage, we cannot be sure that the amperage capacity is sufficient with the number of campers anticipated. If circuit breakers do flip, please inform me and perhaps speak with your "neighbors" on the same pole about temporarily decreasing A/C usage. Please do not leave A/C running all day while not in trailer. If necessary, we will hold a campers meeting one of the evenings to sort out the issues. Please see "rules" for ways that you can help alleviate this. Please also be prepared for the possibility that we may temporarily disconnect you if cords or outlets need to be swapped. We will make effort to notify in advance. If your electric can't be interrupted without consequence, put a note at your outlet on the pole (and consider bringing a battery back-up UPS unit).

A few dry camping spots will be available on the south side of the upper lake as noted above; this location will accommodate RVs desiring to operate generators.

On the payment form, please indicate your preferred RV location and if there are other people you'd like to be located near; we aim to please. Also, please let me know the total length of your cord(s).

You may leave your RV in between tournaments for $10 per week, paid in advance. Please discuss with Darlene in advance. Please do not assume that you may leave your camper longer than your reservation without asking. If you think you may want to leave it for multiple tournaments in the same space, we need to know in advance, i.e. make a reservation and tell me, so we may assign a space that is available for your duration (or you will need to move it).

Seasonal camping, $1100:

Pangaea currently has a well with limited potable water and there are no water hookups or wash facilities. Please use your water sparingly. We suggest you bring extra bottled water with you. We can arrange an emergency refill if needed with the help of Team Pangaea volunteers.

Holding tank dumping is available through Fred's service on Wednesday only and basically suited for seasonal campers. See Darlene to arrange. Cost is $25, cash only, and you must be present to assist and pay.

Please realize that you will not necessarily get as thorough a dumping as if you did it yourself at a facility with additional water to flush through. There is no guarantee that your level indicators will read empty, either. This service should be considered as emergency or a means of prolonging your stay at Pangaea and not necessarily as thorough a cleaning as a rental service may require or what you might do for periods when your RV will not be used.

Please review camping and other rules.

Camping Reservations

Please follow these payment instructions to make it easiest for us to administer the lodging and camping.

Payment Option 1. Make payment online via PayPal.

Payment Option 2. Make checks out to Pangaea.
(Review the payment page linked above to calculate your payment.)

Your payment will be processed immediately using the online payment method. Checks will also be cashed prior to tournaments in order to fund advance needs.

Lodging/Camping Questions

Address questions to Darlene McCormick:
Email is preferred as a starting point for questions.


This page updated 7/9/15.