Photos and Friends

RIP Rob Clark - 8/26/13


Check the Region's website for additional photos.

Regionals at Pangaea by Chris Goodhue
Pangaea 35 – taken by Barak Bejerano

Recent group to Pangaea tries out new jump path, plenty of slalom.

2012 Nationals taken by Trish Vosburgh:

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George, Grace, Randy   George 3rd M5 Trick   Randy 3rd M1 Slalom   George 3rd M5 Overall   Randy 4th M1 Overall

RIP Russ Cole - 8/10/12

George R. Vosburgh

8/14/25 - 4/21/12

2012: 2012 Regionals at Pangaea by Mike McNealey (results of wind storm Wednesday, JD activity Thursday, jump photos, few misc.)
Regionals at Pangaea taken by Chris Goodhue
Pangaea 33 Pre-Regionals by Justin Campfield
Pangaea 33 Pre-Regionals by Chris Goodhue

2011: Check out photos from Class C portion of July tournament from Barak Bejerano, and these: from Chris Goodhue.

Most Pangaea waterski photos from 2005 on are on Chris Goodhue's SmugMug site.

2006 - 2009 waterski photos are on Darlene's photo site, We highly recommend this site for ease of use, ability to save multiple size photos, ability for viewers to print high quality copies.

2008 Soccer Camp Photos

2006-7 Photos

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Photos 2005 Pangaea #20 Labor Day Weekend

Photos 2005 NY StatesPhotos 2004 and earlier Tournaments

Photos October 2004 at Boy Scouts Camporee

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A Boy Scout Camporee was held at Pangaea in October 2004. These are some aerial photos taken on the day of the Camporee.