Photos 2005 Labor Day Weekend


Photos 2005 Pangaea #20 Labor Day Weekend

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MA Gang   Chris Afonso   Chris Afonso   Christopher Goodhue   Hunter Lawrence   Alex Afonso   Alex Afonso   Michael Bowler
Gregg Burmaster   Gregg Burmaster   Hank Evatt   Hank Evatt   Randy Cole   Randy Cole   Karlee Burmaster   One of the Gallagher Girls
Jennifer Tee   Stephanie Tee   Stephanie Tee   Colin Moffatt   Mason Adams   Mason Adams   Mason Adams   John Bowler
John Bowler   John Bowler   Chuck Burmaster   Chuck Burmaster   Brian Irwin   Tony Lawrence   Cole Maurer   Cole Maurer

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Boys on Bikes   Jeff Schwan   George and Pete   Rui Afonso   Mike Tilton   Mike Tilton   Kristin Fox   Celeste and DeeDee
Trish Vosburgh   Darlene McCormick   Darlene McCormick   Donna Epstein   Annie   Bart   Alex Afonso on swing   Chris Afonso on swing
Campers   Desmarais Clan   GOV Playground   Dave and Grandson   Liam Bowler   Little Ladies   Unfortunate Al

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