2016 Site Rules

Payment rules:

Day is any 24 hr period of time               
Weekend is arrival on Friday, out on Sunday PM or Monday AM.        
Week is 5 to 7 consecutive days.
Month is any 30 consecutive days.          
Summer is Memorial Day through Labor Day.
Dog is a four legged furry animal with a name.
Inside the circle means: within the roads around the ponds.

Speed Limit:
Keep it to 15 mph or under; remember you are sharing a common driveway. 
Watch for children, dogs, turtles, frogs and the occasional adult that will wander in the way of traffic.


Sets behind Pangaea Boat:
$30 per set during regular practice sessions. Practice at tournaments may be $25. Practice at other times will include a driver fee.
Sets must be paid for in advance.
Skier MUST sign Pangaea waiver before skiing.
Payment due before your visit at the site concludes.
First come first served; except Vosburgh family and site volunteers (Team Pangaea) have priority as needed.

Upper lake is available for use with your own boat upon agreement/reservation through George or Trish. Please request a copy of the rules for your own protection.

Tournament camping

Length of Stay:
Nightly $25
Weekend $50
Weekly $100

Amenities Included/Extras:
Camping includes: electric, shared picnic table, recreational facilities (soccer, lacrosse, Frisbee golf, hiking, biking), no water or sewer.

Use of trap field, extra fee – coordinate with George.

Need to be on leash during tournaments. 
Pick up what they leave behind.
Need to abide by quiet hours (below) as well.  Woof!

Must keep cars off the roads, park on grass.

QUIET hours:  10pm through 7am.
Trash: must be kept inside camper and/or placed in dumpster at top of driveway.

Full House:
In the situation where there are 6+ campers on site and temperature is AC-worthy please adhere to the following courtesy rules:

Lodging/Camping Questions

Address questions to Darlene McCormick:
Email is preferred as a starting point for questions.