Skier and Officials Tips and Requests

This page contains helpful site-specific information for skiers and officials. The goal is for people to read this in advance so that repetitive discussion is not necessary during sets and so skiers can have the best possible experience while being fair to everyone.


Slalom Drop Areas:

Shortline skiers: At ends of lakes, don't pull out so aggressively that you pass the boat and have to brake at the noodle, possibly getting the handle ripped out of your hands. The boat does not have the space to keep up with you, and will not. Boat will slow down to attempt to control skier. You will get less backwash if the boat can come to rest before the end of the lake.

Long-line and 15-off skiers: At ends of lakes, pull out aggressively so you get all the way to the noodle. Look/listen for the boat to give you a "kick" to help.

36 MPH Entry—Be prepared for firm throttle so speed can be reached by pre-gates.




Tournament Practice—If skier falls, pick up, proceed in same direction to maintain 8/6/4 passes as appropriate for that day/time approaching tournament.

Slalom Drop Areas:

36 MPH Entry—Firm throttle to be up-to-speed at pre-gates.

15-off Entry at 32 and 34 MPH: Best if you give firm throttle to allow skier more setup time.


This page updated 7/25/16.